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Semper fi

United States Marine Corps

the few.  the proud.  the marines.

Bobby served for the United Stated Marine Corps for nearly a decade.  As a natural-born-leader, he acted as the driving force for his team, guiding them through successful missions throughout the world.  He takes those same principles into his life both personally and professionally, instilling a level of admiration in all who work for and with him.  


Marine Floral is a strategic service outfit comprised of a robust event strike team whose focused objective is to support floral designers.

Marine Floral acts as an extension of a florist’s services, without being employed on their payroll.  By taking the night shift off their hands, our team allows florists more time and flexibility to recover and regroup after an event, and then focus on other aspects of their business.  This time also allows opportunities to install in more than one location, knowing our team can

perform strikes at multiple events within the same evening.

At the conclusion of an event, our team of strikers will arrive on site using Marine Floral’s own tools and materials, to perform the work based on the contracted manifest.  Our services are flexible and dictated by the individual needs of each florist and their event. At times, we will be returning items back to their studio, for other occasions, we will be delivering flowers to chosen charities to help brighten someone’s day.   
We take our relationships with our florists very seriously, and know that connecting with the venue personnel is a great way to increase this level of trust.  While on site, we network with the vendor staff to further the rapport between them, the florists and our company. Marine Floral was built on the principles of a seasoned Marine,
and as such our strict code of conduct and expectations for our employees ensures professional behavior on the job site.


Bobby served in the United States Marine Corps

for nearly a decade, having traveled throughout the world leading teams through intense and successful missions.  His leadership skills surpass the average and have been put to good use in other influential realms such as coaching high school football for the very school he once played for, where he often gets the opportunity to utilize his talent for mentoring youth.


He started Marine Floral and its subsidiaries with his wife Sarah in order to shape his own teams and build a company where his earnest values

are at the forefront.     

Sarah has worked professionally within the realms of both graphic and interior design

for nearly two decades.  Having earned a

Master of Interior Architecture degree from Boston Architectural College, she is adept at

the congruence between client vision and

spacial composition.  

Chasing her entrepreneurial dreams, she

started Marine Floral and its subsidiaries with her husband Bobby in order to both utilize her design skills as well as garner opportunities to work more closely with clients. 

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